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Xi'an BlackBull Machinery Co., Ltd.

March 09, 2023

Xi'an BlackBull Machinery Co., Ltd.

About us

Xi'an BlackBull Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1980, specializing in the development, research, and manufacturing of packaging and printing machinery. The company's main products include unit-type flexographic printing machinery, gravure printing machinery, composite coating machinery, various slitting and cutting machinery, with more than 30 different specifications and models in four major series. The products are widely used in tobacco and liquor packaging, trademark printing, paper composite, playing cards, fresh milk, juice, and pharmaceutical packaging.

In 1996, the company developed the unit-type flexographic printing machine, which filled the domestic blank and has been continuously improved since production. The quality has been refined, and the structural performance has reached or exceeded the international advanced level. The print quality has won eight industry awards, and the machine's performance and print quality have been highly praised by domestic experts, with sales leading the industry in China.

For the past 20 years, BlackBull products have been sold throughout China and exported to Southeast Asia and the United States. 70% of the aluminum foil composite paper used in China's tobacco industry is produced by "BlackBull" aluminum foil composite coating machine. The company implements modern enterprise management, extensively recruits talented individuals, improves the overall quality of the workforce, and strictly follows the process regulations to ensure perfect quality. The company has obtained 16 national patents, including one invention patent. It has a scientific and rigorous quality management system and quality management standards and has obtained international ISO9001 quality system certification.


- Unit-type Flexographic Printing Machinery

- Gravure Printing Machinery

- Vertical Slitting Machine

- Horizontal Slitting Machine

- Rewinding and Slitting Machine

- Cross-cutting and Die-cutting Machine

- Composite Coating Machine

- Laminating Machine