YF17A Cigarette Transferring Device Machine

  • Brand CTMC
  • Rated Conveying Capacity 16,000 pieces/min
  • Cigarette Storage Capacity 90000~140000 pieces
  • Cigarette Diameter 5.4~9.0 mm
  • Cigarette Length 70~ 120 mm
  • Noise <75 dB(A)
  • Maximum Transferring Capacity 20,000 pieces/min
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YF17A Cigarette Transferring Device Machine

YF17A Cigarette Transferring Device Machine

YF17A Cigarette Transferring Device Machine

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Product Description

The YF17A Cigarette Transferring Device is a connecting device for the crimping and packaging unit developed by Xuchang Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. through the combination of integrated innovation and independent innovation. Its main function is to directly transport the cigarettes produced by the crimping unit to the packaging unit. When the output of the crimping unit or packaging unit does not match, it will automatically store or replenish cigarettes, minimize the mutual constraints of upstream and downstream machines, and improve the effective operation rate of the entire production line. This product is currently the most advanced flexible connection device for seaming and packaging in China, filling the gap in the connection equipment of domestic ultra-high-speed seaming and packaging units.The YF17A cigarette storage and conveying device integrates the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. On the basis of inheriting the technological process and some structural characteristics of the YF17 equipment, it has carried out research on cigarette conveying capacity, conveying quality, variable specifications, appearance quality and IPC automatic control. The upgrade and improvement not only meet the connection requirements of ultra-high-speed crimping and packaging units, but also meet the transportation requirements of fine cigarettes and high-grade cigarettes.

Main Structural Features

1. The cigarette transferring device is controlled in sections, the transmission chain is short, the transmission system runs smoothly, and the speed control is more precise.

2. The entrance of the hoist is conveyed with a large turning radius, the exit is turned to increase power, transition wheels are added to the power interface of each section, the straight guide plate of the descending device is changed to an inclined guide plate, and the storage spiral steel belt increases friction to solve the existing cigarettes during high-speed conveying. Problems such as falling and wrinkled cigarettes have been eliminated, and the quality of cigarette transportation has been improved.

3. It adopts dual-screen operation, which can quickly change the specifications of cigarettes. The overhead conveyor adopts a double-sided glass door structure and adds a lower dust box, etc., which makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

4. Measures such as hidden inner chains, hidden cable bridges, and arc transitions at corners are adopted to improve the appearance quality of the whole machine.

5. The electrical part adopts the IPC controller of German Beckhoff company as the main controller, uses EtherCAT bus technology to communicate with detection components, execution components, HMI human-machine interface, servo drive device, etc., and the electronic control of ultra-high-speed units The system remains consistent. The servo system can quickly adapt to changes in the flow rate of cigarettes according to the instructions issued by the IPC, and the dynamic adjustment is more sensitive, which is conducive to improving the delivery quality of cigarettes.

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