Transparent Transmissivity 89 50Mpa Tobacco PVC Packaging Film

  • Brand BINHAO
  • Treated Side 22.32
  • Material PVC
  • Tensile Strength MD: ≥50Mpa
  • Dia 76mm
  • Width Tolerance(mm) ±2
  • Heat   Shrinkage(%) +4
  • Non-Treated Side 20.58
  • Transmissivity ≥89
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Transparent Transmissivity 89  50Mpa Tobacco PVC Packaging Film

Transparent Transmissivity 89  50Mpa Tobacco PVC Packaging Film

Transparent Transmissivity 89 50Mpa Tobacco PVC Packaging Film

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Transparent Transmissivity ≥89 PVC Packaging Film

1 Surface No broken edge, flanging, scratching, folding, holes, impurity pollution, Aluminized layer off Approved
Sputtering point should be no more than 4/m2 Approved
2 Thickness Tolerance(%) --- ±10
3 Width Tolerance(mm) --- ±2
4 Tensile Strength (MPa) MD ≥45 89.6
TD 88.5
5 Elongation at Break(%) MD ≥60 87
TD 88


Rigid PVC transparent packaging film (PVC cellophane) is a new type of ultra-thin film for packaging developed in recent years, with a thickness of only 19μm. There are two molding methods, one is extrusion blow molding, and the other is flat sheet extrusion with T-head. At present, the former method is mostly adopted in China. The rigid PVC transparent packaging film is made by using PVC resin as the main raw material, adding modifiers and other processing aids through batching, kneading, and extrusion blow molding.

Very flat and low shrinkage.

Food grade, non-toxic.

High transparency & intensity.

Good imperviousness.

Good resisting endurance.

Anti-static, anti-UV, cold resistant .

Good stability in products size and easy to process.

Can be laminated with Aluminum foil,or metalized.

Customized printing available according to customer requirements.

Suitable for high frequency heat sealing.

Rigid PVC transparent packaging film has high transparency, firmness, stable kinking, high strength, good toughness, good impact resistance and tear resistance, excellent air tightness, non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, and can maintain freshness and fragrance. In view of the above-mentioned characteristics, this film is mainly used for candy twist packaging, cigarettes and other food packaging, etc., and its appearance is comparable to traditional cellulose cellophane (Sailol). Therefore, it is commonly called PVC cellophane, but the price is lower than cellulose cellophane.

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